Jump to navigation. This document lists the states that include pets in domestic violence protection orders with links to the actual statutes. As of , 32 states as well as D. In , the State of Alaska added language allowing the inclusion of pets in protective orders for domestic violence. Effective January Arkansas amended its law to include pets in Arkansas also defines emotional abuse to include harming a spouse’s pet in its Spousal Safety Plan Act; emotional abuse, if committed by a spouse against hir or her spouse, also constitutes spousal abuse. West’s Ann. Effective , the law was amended so that, on a showing of good cause, the court may include in a protective order a grant to the petitioner of the exclusive care, possession, or control of any animal owned, possessed, leased, kept, or held by either the petitioner or the respondent or a minor child residing in the residence or household of either the petitioner or the respondent. Under this Connecticut law, any family or household member who has been subjected to a continuous threat of present physical pain or physical injury by another family may apply to the Superior Court for an order of protection.

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However, you do have the right in many circumstances to request a loan modification or other options to avoid foreclosure under federal law. Depending upon where you are in the process , if you submit a complete application your mortgage company may not be able to move forward with foreclosure until they have fully reviewed your information.

There are also other foreclosure avoidance procedures you can take under the new procedures from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They may inspect the outside of your property as many times as they want without any notice. According to Legal Aid of Western Michigan , in order to inspect the inside, the purchaser must first send you an initial notice that includes:. This additional notice must be made at least 72 hours in advance and shall set the date and time of the inspection, in coordination with you.

Alzheimer’s Association national site – information on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia symptoms, diagnosis, stages, treatment, care and support resources.

It requires a number of new practices for employers operating in Michigan, including revision of written policies and posting notice to employees. Employers covered by the PMLA are those that employ 50 or more persons. Unless the sate provides clarity on the question, multi-state employers with more than 50 employees nationwide, but less than 50 employees in Michigan, will need to weigh the risks — those who choose not to comply with the law may find themselves in violation and subject to penalties.

All employees, whether full-time, part-time or temporary, who provide service to a covered employer and for whom the employer is required to withhold federal income taxes are eligible for paid leave under the PMLA, subject to a number of exceptions. For example, the following types of employees are excluded from the requirements of the PMLA:. Employers should review the entire list of exemptions to determine which employees are eligible for paid leave under the PMLA.

Eligible employees accrue one hour of paid medical leave for every 35 hours worked, up to 40 hours per benefit year. Employees can carry over up to 40 hours of unused, accrued leave from one benefit year to another. Although carryover is required, employers can cap the use of paid medical leave at 40 hours per benefit year. In lieu of allowing employees to accrue leave, employers may provide 40 hours of paid medical leave at the beginning of each benefit year.

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Although we would like to hear from you, we cannot represent you until we know that doing so will not create a conflict of interest. Also, we cannot treat unsolicited information as confidential. Accordingly, please do not send us any information about any matter that may involve you until you receive a written statement from us that we represent you. You recognize that our review of your information, even if you submitted it in a good faith effort to retain us, and even if you consider it confidential, does not preclude us from representing another client directly adverse to you, even in a matter where that information could and will be used against you.

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In the United States, age of consent laws regarding sexual activity are made at the state level. Michigan, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, 16, 16, 16, 16, 18, 18, 18,

Residential care settings are an important option for older adults and people with disabilities who require long-term services and supports. They provide a community-based living alternative to individuals who might otherwise require nursing home care and those who do not need this level of care but are unable to continue living in their own or a relative’s home. Residential care settings are licensed and regulated at the state level, and all states have at least one category of residential care.

The purpose of this Compendium is to summarize and compare states’ residential care setting regulations. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Health and Human Services, the contractor or any other funding organization. We greatly appreciate the willingness of these dedicated professionals to share their knowledge and expertise.

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Why are some states not on this list? Our list includes states that have legalized use of the marijuana plant for medical purposes. Patient ID cards are voluntary in Maine, California, and Washington, but in California and Washington they offer the strongest legal protection. In Delaware, the defense is only available between when a patient submits a valid application and receives their ID card.

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Winter Season Road Salt Prices in Other Midwest States and Canada. 15 statutes, antitrust law is basically about preserving competition in the explained in more detail below, the date of the bid opening appears to be an.

Jump to navigation. Fearful of using the tap water to wash their food, Flint residents Melissa and Adam Mays prepare meals with bottled water. Brittany Greeson. Inadequate treatment and testing of the water resulted in a series of major water quality and health issues for Flint residents—issues that were chronically ignored, overlooked, and discounted by government officials even as complaints mounted that the foul-smelling, discolored, and off-tasting water piped into Flint homes for 18 months was causing skin rashes, hair loss, and itchy skin.

Long before the recent crisis garnered national headlines, the city of Flint was eminently familiar with water woes. For more than a century, the Flint River, which flows through the heart of town, has served as an unofficial waste disposal site for treated and untreated refuse from the many local industries that have sprouted along its shores, from carriage and car factories to meatpacking plants and lumber and paper mills.

Not surprisingly, the Flint River is rumored to have caught fire—twice. In the midth century, Flint—the birthplace of General Motors —was the flourishing home to nearly , people, many employed by the booming automobile industry. But the s put the brakes on that period of prosperity, as rising oil prices and auto imports resulted in shuttered auto plants and laid-off workers, many of whom eventually relocated. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appointed an emergency manager basically an unelected official chosen to set local policy to oversee and cut city costs.

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Many states exclude very small businesses, such as those with fewer than five employees or those with gross annual revenue below a specified threshold. Many also contain a variety of smaller occupational exclusions and in some cases, exclusions for seasonal and part-time youth workers. The exclusions listed here are not exhaustive; they only highlight the more significant or noteworthy exclusions to minimum-wage laws.

The federal minimum wage has not been raised since

History of Death Penalty Only 13 executions were carried out in Michigan’s Treason remained a crime punishable by the death penalty in Michigan despite the abolition, but no one was ever executed under that law. Oct 16, Number of Clemencies Granted: 0; Date of Reinstatement (following Furman v.

Nearly a year after Michigan voters approved legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use, the state is getting ready to hand out the business licenses that will usher in the beginning of retail sales. But don’t pull out your cash just yet. And the state hasn’t decided yet whether it will allow medical marijuana growers, processors and dispensary owners to transfer existing medical marijuana flower and infused products to the recreational market.

Subscribe here! Those people are even considering moving to Michigan if pot helps their ailments, Milkey said. Former lawmakers are cashing in on Michigan’s lucrative marijuana industry. The state will begin accepting applications for business licenses on Nov. It takes time for marijuana to grow, be processed and ready for sale. That won’t be true for the recreational market. The vast majority of product being sold in dispensaries is caregiver product, according to figures supplied by the MRA.


Seven other states have similarly broad bans in their constitutions or statute books, and opponents of affirmative action have called on other states, and the federal government, to follow suit. Six of the bans were adopted by voters five via initiative petitions, one by legislative referral. The only state where an anti-affirmative action initiative failed at the ballot was Colorado, where voters narrowly rejected Amendment 46 in

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Learn about candidates running in a particular state or district for past or upcoming elections. Understand ways to support federal candidates. Learn more about using the FEC’s campaign finance data. Find election results and voting information. Learn how much individual candidates have raised and spent for presidential, Senate and House elections. Protecting the integrity of the campaign finance process More about the FEC.

FEC resumes Phase 1: resumes limited mail processing; offices remain closed to visitors. At this time, enforcement complaints may be filed directly through the EnfComplaint fec. Presidential candidate map Search presidential data such as money raised, money spent, cash on hand and debt.

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